Helpful Storage Tips


1. Do not lean items against walls. Try to ventilate your storage are by leaving air space around the unit’s perimeter.

2. Create an walkway area in the storage unit. You will be able to better access your stored items at a later date.

3. Place items you use frequently near the door.

4. Consider using ceiling and wall space for storage.  Use the entire storage space.

5. Label everything – Create a list of the labeled boxes for easy reference later.

6. Disassemble all bed frames and furniture such as table tops.  Wrap their legs with packing paper.

7. Fill all storage containers  and boxes to capacity without overfilling. Try to fill in any open areas with paper for a snug fit.

8. Store fragile items toward the top of boxes.  Make sure they are all carefully wrapped and protected.

9. Pack Books and heavy items in small boxes – store books flat to protect their spines.

10. Store Refrigerators  and other large items in the rear of the storage unit. Make sure appliances are thoroughly dry prior to storing them.  Consider using their large open areas for storage.  Always keep their doors slightly open for ventilation.

11. Clean all appliances thoroughly before they are stored. Food crumbs can attract bugs and rodents.

12. Wipe all metal surfaces with a metal protectant.

13. Use Wardrobe Boxes to store clothing and other items that use hangers.

14. Use high quality boxes or plastic storage containers.  Used boxes can fall apart during storage due to previous wear and tear.

15. Place plastic sheeting on the storage unit floor. Stand sofas and mattresses on their ends.

16. Upholstered items should not be making contact with the floor.  Wrap them with plastic wrap.

17.  Use dust covers for furniture and plastic mattress covers for beds.

18.  Stack boxes in uniform rows.  Large Boxes on the bottom – lighter boxes on top.

19.  Do not use newspaper for box stuffing – the ink can come off and cause a mess.  Use clean packing paper, packing peanuts, or plastic bubble wrap.

20. Create a diagram of where your items are stored and leave it near the front door for future reference.

We hope these storage tips will be of value to you.  If implemented, we know that they can help make you self storage experience easier.  After all, that is what the folks at Ward Mini Storage are trying to accomplish – giving you the solutions to your storage needs in Southport, NC.